Rescuing Alaskan Malamute and Nordic Mix Breeds in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region

Cargo and Dakota

Cargo and Dakota are a wonderful bonded pair that are active, excitable & playful. They have been raised in a household with a 5 yr. old boy and under a year infant (non walking). The 5 yr. old enjoys wrestling & playing with the pair, but they can get so excited, one has to watch that they do not get too rough in their play. They are indoor/outdoor dogs and are social with other dogs. They know a few commands, but would benefit with additional training. They need someone who will provide regular exercise and activities for them. Family is relocating to an area that is not conducive to having dogs with activity & attention needs such as these two have.

Cargo just turned 2 years old (this March) and is a tall & lanky sable neutered Giant Mal. He weighs about 105 lbs. and is a friendly and active boy – still very much the puppy! He has real tall legs and big toes – one ear flops down a bit. He is influenced by food & does well with hiking and running activities. He walks by your side on lead and craves attention. He’s used to sleeping indoors. Cargo likes to be in on the action of the pack, but does not like a lot of fondling from people.

Dakota is a 7 mos. black & white spayed female (possible Giant Mal) who already weighs 60+ lbs.! She is young & active and requires stimulation, or will chew on items laying around the house or dig holes in the yard. She is a snuggler and loves to sit with/on you on the couch or in bed. She is a licker and very loving & affectionate. Dakota is just learning to walk on lead and not pull.

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