Rescuing Alaskan Malamute and Nordic Mix Breeds in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region


Tehya, MalimuteTehya (pronounced Tay-yah) is an affectionate and active fourteen month old CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered female Malamute. She is sixty lbs with red and white fur. She enjoys the company of other dogs and people alike. She does exhibit excess excitement when meeting new dogs, but calms down after a little exercise and play. She requires activity or else she may start digging. She has also been known to get into trash containers and distribute the contents about the house, minor issues that are easy to rectify. Tehya comes from a home with both female and male dogs of different breeds. She is used to ample play space, her previous home was on two acres of property. She also does well in vehicles. Her original owners are regretfully giving her up due to severe allergies to her dander. Tehya is great around people of all ages, and likes a little extra attention before bedtime. She is sure to make a wonderful companion.

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